• ISAAC HAZE: AG13 x [C5 x (NL5 x Haze C male)


  • Parents: AG13 x NL5 x C-HAze x C5 male
  • Dominance: Sativa dominant
  • Flowering time: 12 – 16 Weeks
  • Yieldage:High (500g m2 or +++)

Price: 80.- euro

  • ISAAC HAZE: AG13 x C5 x (NL5 x Haze C male)


This is a project made in collaboration with YoSammy.

If you are looking for sativas this is the place to start. We crossed the AG-13 (an old cut from Neville ) and crossed with a Haze C5  male plant that was found to be the one with the right characteristics for the project.

High feeding on nitrogen is required on the first weeks as this is a cross with long flowering time. But you will be rewarded with a beautiful and strong high.

  •             Flowering Time: 12 weeks- 16 weeks
  •             Yield: high ( 500g m2 or +)